Fishy Business

Plum met Thomas Castor in school one day and the two of them really hit it off.  Before long they were best friends and Thomas invited Plum over his house after school.

After finishing her homework she really put Thomas to the test.  She spoke madness at him and told him all about her mastermind plots.  He didn’t mind at all!

Plum had never met someone who accepted so many of the weird facets of her personality.  She was instantly attracted to him and not shy about showing him.  Much to the displeasure of Chase Bayless who was apparently his girlfriend.

Not letting that deter her Plum swooped in for her first kiss.  Needless to say this didn’t sit well with the Bayless clan and she was promptly kicked out of the house.  (You can’t see it but Chase’s parents are on the other side wagging their fingers at Plum, apparently Thomas lives with his girlfriends family.)

Back at home Seth is doing two of his favorite autonomous interactions.  Hugging and singing!  He’s such a sweetheart.  He really only knows one song but everyone gets to hear it.

Donatello also went home that day with a friend.  Her name was Pansy Prudence and she was alright.  He tells his new little friend that his parents were planning on using the name Pansy if they had another girl!  She seems amused by this.

The next day after school Plum invites Thomas over.  She doesn’t dare set foot on Bayless property again, she was pretty sure they were all nuts and might shoot her.  Plum wastes no time and asks Thomas to go steady with her.  He agrees and the two spend the rest of the evening making out in front of the rest of the family.

Donatello decides to eat in the kitchen standing up rather than go in the dining room and watch his sister suck face with that creep Thomas.  Great now he just thought about it and lost his appetite.

He is soon distracted when his brother Grimace pulls a noisemaker out of thin air (How did he do that??  His brother is a magician obviously.) and announces that it’s his birthday. Grimace grows up in camouflage so I indulge him and turn it purple.  Now he can blend in with . . .uh well just our house I guess.   I feel sort of bad that I forgot to get him a cake but assure myself that missing a birthday now and then doesn’t make me a bad simmer.

Then Seth starts doing the birthday dance upstairs and I realize I’ve missed two birthdays in one day.  Yup I’m a bad simmer.  Seth is amazed by his birthday transformation.

“Look how different I look!”   Is that sarcasm?

Dory is getting mighty stir crazy these days so I decide to let her do one of her opportunities.  She has to raise her athletics by one level and report back to the stadium.  So excited at the prospect of getting out of the house she hops right to it and starts exercising in the dining room right away.

Seth has had the wish to max charisma forever now and so I started sticking him on a mirror when he gets home.  I could max the skill so much faster if I took the time to let him chat with people but with so many people in the house I just don’t have the time.  Yeah we have a photo of some random kid we don’t even know on our sink, you wanna fight about it?

“I’m so hungry I’m eating this gross muffin my little brother made.”

“Hey brother.”

“Hey!  Where did you get real food? ”

“Uh did you try the fridge?”

*Grimace stares blankly*

“Sorry about tricking you into eating that muffin but it was just sitting in the fridge you know?  Somebody had to eat it.”

Grimace decides to let off some steam and heads out to fish.  When he falls on his butt again he almost packs it in but Donatello urges him to stay.  It’s nice having company while fishing.

“WOO look at this beauty fish!”

Grimace tries to hide his shame over getting outfished by a kid half his age when his brother Spyro comes over to do his homework.  That makes him feel much better, everyone loves Spyro!

When he finally does catch a fish he hopes his little brother doesn’t see.  It’s tiny!  Why does the world conspire against him?  Being unlucky sucks

I usually feel sorry for the people my sims scare but come on, look at this guy.  He doesn’t see her coming?  She had to walk right in front of him, he totally deserves what he got.

The family is excited because it’s Saturday!  I usually have every sim wake up at 5:30 am with toilet, shower and food in their queue ready to go but on the weekend I let them mostly fend for themselves.  Free will weekend!  Well mostly but because of this the majority of the family will stay in their pajamas all day long.

“Are you looking in the neighbors windows again Daphne?”

“Oh shut up and go back to your painting.”  (It should be noted that I changed Spyro’s LTW to visionary at this point because I decided not to travel anymore.)

Not being able to stand Spyro and his goody-goody two shoes self Daphne makes her way out to the pond to share some mastermind plots with her littlest brother.  She figures if she starts him young she can convert him to her evil cause but Donatello isn’t having any of it.

Grimace is just happy they are preoccupied and don’t see his latest catch.  He’s going to be a laughingstock if he keeps this up.  He has become obsessed with fishing lately.  It seems like if he could just be good at something then he could prove to himself that he could be good at anything.

When the doorbell sounds Dory goes to answer it in her underwear.

“What?  It’s free will weekend and I’m allowed to stay in my undies all day if I want.”

Tay Bayless doesn’t know what to think.  He wonders at some point if this family just runs around in their pajamas all the time or what.

Eventually Donatello does get dressed.  He heads down to the stadium to watch a free game for school.  He really is not impressed, he doesn’t care much for sports.  Unless you count fishing as a sport.

Speaking of fishing, Daphne finds out that Tay loves to fish and uses that to her advantage.  She is desperate to have a boyfriend ever since her sister got one.   She doesn’t even care who it is, I mean she will most likely dump him later so who cares.  She quickly sets her sights on Tay and he is helpless to resist.  Get a load of those ears, just wow.

“I did it!”  You go Grimace!

Donatello never gets bummed out when he catches little fish.  In fact he’s been kicking around an idea in his head. . .

Fish Muffins!  This is going to be awesome.

Donatello can’t think of anything more delicious than fish.  Fish muffins are such a no brainer that he can’t believe he didn’t come up with it sooner.

Fish muffins are a success!  This just makes him think harder about what he could do next and then it hits him. . .fish toothpaste!  Omg genius!

He runs right over to explain his fish merchandise to his father.  Seth doesn’t know what to think about his youngest sons fish idea but it’s nice to see him so excited.  Who is he to say the fish toothpaste won’t take off?

Random shots

Seth and Dory sneak off to autonomously make out in the garage.  So cute!

Most of the family had a wish to buy a trampoline so I obliged them.  Plum nearly killed herself on it though.

Traffic jam in the kitchen!  Did somebody say pancakes?

Thanks for reading, tune in next time for a whole lot of birthdays and possibly an heir.  Let me know if you’re rooting for anyone in particular, I just can’t decide!


3 responses to “Fishy Business

  1. It’s a fish! He’s a beauty! He’s a BEAUTYFISH!
    I think Donatello should be the heir, his outfit is awesome, and Pansy Prudence is perfectly named to be his spouse.

  2. I really like Spyro!

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