Ride the Spiral to the End

Now that the twins were young adults they finally realized what they wanted to do with their life.  They both wanted to be the emperor of evil.  They got together and decided that they would share the title.  For now though this meant that they needed to start working out!

Just because they decided to share the title didn’t mean there wasn’t any competition for promotions.  Plum got an instant promotion the very first day and even got the rest of the afternoon off!  Daphne was green with envy because she didn’t secure a promotion even after working her entire shift!

The next evening Plum got yet another promotion and once again Daphne did not.  Daphne got arrested instead, this meant she was still level one and Plum was already level three!

Seth doesn’t have to throw campaign fundraisers anymore now that he is president but he still loves a good party so he invites over a bunch of people.  His sons don’t know it but the real reason for the party is to try to get some women in the house for them to meet!  The plan works like a charm. Grimace finds Angelita Peck, a shy, family oriented, babysitter and chats her up all evening.   Spyro talks to his good friend Bunny Curious at the party.

That night a very unlucky burglar makes the mistake of trying to rob our house.  Before the burglar can even get in the door to trip the alarm there is a whole household of Spectrums waiting to take her down.  You don’t mess with a family that can all apprehend burglars!

Oddly enough the police never showed up and finally Seth called.  When they finally did show up the burglar had already left on her own and the cop informed us that she had gotten away this time.

The next morning Spyro really wanted to see Bunny again and invited her over.  She said yes and before she could even get into the house Spyro pounced on her and asked if she was single.  Turns out she was!

Spyro couldn’t believe his good luck and quickly set about making Bunny his girlfriend.

Seeing how happy his brother was with his new girlfriend made Donatello really want a girlfriend too.  He invited over his childhood friend Pansy and asked her to go steady with him.  He was afraid she would turn him down, it was all very sudden after all, but she said yes!

While his brothers were busy getting their first girlfriends Grimace was at Bunny’s house visiting her younger brother Notzo.  The visit was rudely put to an end when Grim showed his ugly face and killed Bunny and Notzo’s father!

What a horrible thing to witness!  As the neurotic, unlucky, middle child of the family Grimace knew it was no fun feeling alone.  He racked his brain and suddenly realized he could help the Curious family through their grief!  He whipped out his moodlet manager, took aim and cured both of them.  They even thanked him!  It was such a nice feeling, having people appreciate you.  That’s when Grimace decided he wanted to be super popular.

Back at home Bunny had just gotten the call from her mother.  Spyro tried to console his girlfriend but she was too upset and he couldn’t help her.  Or could he?  Taking a cue from his brother he whipped out his moodlet manager and made all her pain go away.

When Grimace got home that night he found out about his brothers getting girlfriends.  Now that he had decided to be super popular he wouldn’t let his shyness stop him from getting one as well.  In fact to prove to himself that he could do it he invited over his friend Angelita and asked her out right on the spot.  He was so thrilled when she said yes!  Maybe he really could be super popular someday.

“I did it, all my children have dates now!”

After spending the whole day making out Bunny and Spyro couldn’t wait any longer and they decided to woohoo.  When Bunny changed into her pajamas it scared me out of my wits.  Omg she is screaming for a makeover!

So we gave her a nice makeover!

“I dunno about this makeover. . . ”  It looks great I swear, don’t be mad Bunny!

Now that the girls work different shifts Plum gets really bored during the day while Daphne is off to work.  She can often be found watching tv or napping on the couch.

The next day Bunny was alarmed to find herself violently ill.  Spyro was worried that last nights dinner had given her food poisoning but we all know what was really wrong with her!

“Ugh I knew this would happen, why do you think I was checking it?”

Dory hopped out of bed that night and had a birthday.  Dory is an elder now!

Daphne had been spending a lot of time with one of her co-workers, Shark Racket.  He had a girlfriend and Daphne had a boyfriend but even so they couldn’t stand it any longer and she invited him back to her house after work one night to have a little fun.

As soon as the deed was done Daphne drifted off to sleep completely unaware that Shark had wandered back inside to flirt with her sister!  Luckily Plum didn’t get offended by this and steered the conversation back to more friendly oriented things.  Like their common interest in money!

The next morning Spyro invited Bunny back over and was shocked when she showed up wearing weird, mismatched clothes.  She explained to him that she was pregnant and he was the father!  Spyro was thrilled that he was going to be a father and quickly introduced Bunny to his mother.

Inside the house Daphne was just figuring out that she too was pregnant.  This was excellent!  Shark was a well established member of the criminal organization and Daphne had played him all along.  She ran over to tell her sister all about her plan and how it had just come together for them.

Plum was amazed at her sister’s genius plan and even a little bit jealous that she didn’t think of it first.  The two of them informed Shark about his child and insisted on moving into his house (that he shares with is girlfriend. . .) right then.  Spyro overheard his sister’s revelation about being pregnant and threatened to take down Shark if he didn’t take care of Daphne.  Shark reluctantly agreed and the three of them headed off to their new home.

Now that there was room in the house Spyro dashed upstairs to find Bunny.  His mother had approved of her whole heartedly and even informed Spyro that he was to be the family heir!  Now all he had to do was convince Bunny to marry him.

She said yes!  The two of them wanted to be married before their baby came so they decided to have a quiet ceremony with just the two of them right then.  Welcome to the family Bunny Spectrum!  Bunny is a loner, virtuoso, perceptive, easily impressed girl with a good sense of humor.  She would love to become an illustrious author someday.

“What was I doing again?”   So adorably clueless!  (I have to admit that Spyro has been my favorite ever since he was a toddler.)

Grimace spent the next few days out on the town making friends.  He was at the bistro doing just that when it was time for him to age up.  He gained the vegetarian trait.  The very next person he talked to gave him his lifetime wish too, way to go Grimace you really are a winner!

Bunny was trying to take it easy and spent the majority of her days napping, painting or playing guitar.

Then one day while she was writing her first book she felt her first contraction.  She had planned on doing a home birth so she called for Spyro to come help her out.

He had read all the pregnancy books in anticipation of the home birth but when the time came he freaked out.  Deciding he was no help at all, Bunny headed over to the nursery to give birth alone.

I’m proud to announce that Bunny gave birth to twin girls!  I guess twins really do run in my family because I didn’t influence them at all.  I suspect the fact that Bunny’s favorite music is kids music might have something to do with it though, maybe she listened to it at her house before I had her move in.  First born was Hazelnut who is a heavy sleeping virtuoso.  Next we have Cinnamon who was born perceptive and also loved the outdoors.

Generation brown is finally underway!

Random shots

“Grrrr put down that stupid guitar so I can scare you!”

Pansy said she had to go but stayed all night playing on our trampoline.  She even peed her pants so she could stay!

“Why did you clean the dirty french toast plate up I was going to lick it!” 😦

Thanks for reading stay tuned for a brown house and the last full generation!


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