This is my first attempt at blogging a sims story.  I have played a few failed legacies in the past (the longest one lasting 7 generations before errors and crashing made me stop) and tried my hand at a WYD and ISBI challenges.  If anyone actually reads this and has any constructive criticism about how to make my blog better in any way please feel free to comment!

The Spectrum Legacy info and rules:

I wanted to do a legacy that wasn’t too strict on points but still had some sort of system in place so I have some goal instead of just playing with no purpose.  I decided to take some of the things I like from various challenges and legacy rules and combine them into my own version.

Like all legacy founders I can create whatever I want in CAS.  All future children will have their traits randomized because it’s more fun that way.  Twinbrook doesn’t have a 60 x 60 empty lot for sale so I just went ahead and bought the 40 x 40 lot.  I know this means I start out with more money than normal but I’ve decided that is ok.  Also most legacies state that you can never move, but I’m gonna go ahead and say that if my family wants to they can move.  Of course they have to be able to afford it, and can’t move into a house they didn’t purchase. (like marrying a rich dude and moving in with him is NOT allowed, all people added to my household have to move in with me)

The first thing I wanted to do was blatantly steal an idea from  Chisagi’s “chim-chim-cheree: A Rainbow legacy!” that I found over at Boolprop.  I’m going to make each generation have a theme color.  I love incorporating sims favorite colors into their homes, clothes, sometimes hair and any other thing I can get my filthy paws on and redecorate so I thought this would be a great chance to do just that!  This is my plan for the generations.

Generation 1 – White   (White, Sea foam, Grey)

Generation 2 – Pink     (Pink, Hot pink)

Generation 3 – Red

Generation 4 – Orange

Generation 5 – Yellow

Generation 6 – Green  (Green, Irish Green, Lime)

Generation 7 – Blue  (Blue, Aqua, Turquoise)

Generation 8 – Purple  (Purple, Spiceberry, Violet, Lilac)

Generation 9 – Brown

Generation 10 – Black

The founders can be any color they want, preferably rainbow to show that they are the parents of all color.  Or something.  I chose the name Iris cause it means rainbow in greek 🙂

The theme color for a generation will be shown through their hair, clothing and the major color theme of the house.


1 point for the founder and  1 per heir  (10 possible)

1 point for portraits OR sculpture  (bloodline only, at least young adult)

1 point LTW   (Does NOT have to be unique)

1 point Top a career  (1 pt per sim, but same job on diff sim counts)

1 point for every 100,000 LTH a sim accumulates (uncapped)

1 point for every 100,000 Simoleons  (uncapped)

1 point for maxing a skill

1 point for also doing all the skill challenges for a skill

20 extra points for topping all careers  (including part-time jobs and all side branches and self-employed jobs.  . . it’s a lot of jobs now so that is why it’s worth so much)

20 extra points if you max all skills and skill challenges (including collecting, guitar star!!  and the adventuring journal skills. .  also really hard to justify the points)

20 extra points if you finish ALL the lifetime wishes  (including the new horrible home design hotshot which is soooo impossible /cry )


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  1. Hi! 🙂 I just started a legacy type story thing on wordpress and I was hoping you could like do a shoutout type thing for me and list me on your site? I’ll do the same for you! I just really want people to read my story, I just started, so please! Thank you! 🙂

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