Table of contents

Rainbow generation (founder)

0.1  Meet Iris Spectrum

0.2  Fighting fires and loneliness

Generation One:  White

1.0  Generation White begins!

1.1  A Life Changing Event

1.2  Goodwin Goes to China!

1.3  The Family Grows Larger

1.4  Goodwin and the Trampoline

1.5  Enough Cake to Feed an Army

1.6  House full of Teenagers

1.7  The Family Visits France

1.8  All Grown Up

Generation Two:  Pink

2.0  Redecorating

2.1  Life After Iris

2.2  Pretty Prince of Parties

2.3  Daddy’s Little Angel

2.4 You Don’t Have to Go Home, But You Can’t Stay Here

2.5 Piglet Wins the Game

Generation Three:  Red

3.0  Seeing Red

3.1 The day can only get more normal from here

3.2  Flaming Death!

3.3 I Hear his Voice Inside my Head

3.4 Piglet Refuses to Name an Heiress

3.5 Comings and Goings

3.6 Cradle Robbers

Generation Four:  Orange

4.0 Widowed

4.1 Peaceful and Happy

4.2 A Shocking Turn of Events

4.3 The Family Grieves

4.4 The Big Move

4.5 Love is in the Air

4.6 House Full of Athletes

4.7 Working Hard for the Money

Generation Five: Yellow

5.0 Mellow Yellow

5.1 Grim Takes a Vacation

5.2 The Perfect Weekend

5.3 Gender Confusion

5.4 The French Fireman

5.5 A Surprise Visit

5.6 A Wedding fit for a Snob

Generation six: Green

6.0  Going Green

6.1 Green Monsters

6.2 Big Fat Head Day!

6.3 It’s Not Easy Being Green

6.4 Poor Sport

6.5 Green  Grows Up

6.6 Walk Like a Magician

Generation seven:  Blue

7.0  Wonder What’s Next

7.1 Blue Monday

7.2 Such a lovely color for you

7.3 Who Invited Grim to the Party?

7.4 Teenage Hormones

7.5 Is it Cold out in Space, Abbie?

7.6 Breaking Hearts and Giving Makeovers

Generation eight: Purple

8.0 How I Met Your Father

8.1 Love the One You’re With

8.2 All I Wanted was You

8.3 Settling Down

8.4 A Wrinkle in Time

8.5 Living in the Past

8.6 Life is a Long Song

8.7 Fishy Business

8.8 Forever Purple

Generation nine: Brown

9.0 Ride the Spiral to the End

9.1 Tangled in my own Reflection

9.2 How Now Brown Cow?

9.3 Operation Hug Time

9.4 Echoes and Silence, Patience and Grace

9.5 Paint Your Perfect Day

Generation ten:  Black

10.0  Happily Ever After


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