Happily Ever After

That Dory sure is a crafty old lady.  She wandered into the twins room in the middle of the night and woke them up and then quickly stole Cinnamon’s bed!

One of the girls went home with Stuart and Charlotte Spectrum after school one day.  They are Daphne and Sharks kids.  Poor Plum never married or had children and just lives with her sister and her family.

Seth finally came out to haunt us!  His first action was to complain about Dory’s ghost though.  Aww Seth you love her remember?

The day of the twins young adult birthday finally arrived!  Hazelnut went first and rolled family-oriented.  She is now a virtuoso, heavy sleeper, brave, eco-friendly, family-oriented young adult who wants to be a hit movie composer someday.

Cinnamon went last and rolled  computer whiz.  She is a perceptive, lucky, vehicle enthusiast, who loves the outdoors and is also a computer whiz.  She rolled Pervasive private eye as her LTW.

Look how excited Travis is!  The boys had their birthdays as well and promptly moved in.

Travis Knack is a neat, friendly, perfectionist, virtuoso and family oriented.  He wants to be a world-renowned surgeon someday.

Shawn Drudge is a brave, good, bookworm who loves the outdoors and has a green thumb.  He wants to have a perfect garden someday.

After all the cake was finally eaten and put away the girls got straight to the point and asked their guys the big question.

They both said yes of course!

They decided to get married at home and set up the yard for the ceremony.

Bunny made everyone pancakes the day of the wedding, she was getting really good at this breakfast making thing.  The girls discussed last-minute music plans during breakfast.

While everyone was busy getting ready for the wedding the parents of the brides sat and reminisced about old times.  Their girls were old enough to get married, where had the time gone?

Upstairs in their room Hazelnut and Cinnamon helped each other into their wedding dresses and tried not to sob their make up off.  They had always dreamed of a double wedding and couldn’t believe it was finally happening!

The boys got ready together in the bathroom.  No signs of cold feet there, they can’t stop talking about the wedding!

When the time finally came for the ceremony to begin Hazelnut and Travis went first.   Wedding spam time!

Shawn and Cinnamon wedding spam!

The silly guests insisted on standing up the whole time.  There are chairs for a reason people!

The cake was cut and the food passed out.  Everyone had a great time!

After the last guest left the couples finally made it upstairs to consummate their marriages.

Even the proud parents got a little action.

The next morning both girls were feeling a little under the weather.  Their breakfast didn’t go down very well and in fact even came back up.

Shawn got to work on his garden and even signed up as a self-employed gardener down at city hall.

Travis got a job at the hospital and started work the day after his wedding.

Hazelnut got a job at the theatre.

Cinnamon got a job as a private investigator.

Everyone discovered the new sprinkler pretty fast!

I swear that Shawn is not sitting at the computer naked.  He’s in his swim trunks honest!

Hazel didn’t even get to finish her first day at work before she discovered her pregnancy and took time off for maternity leave.  At the same time back at home her sister was also discovering that she was pregnant!  Both of the girls wish for a boy and both of the boys wish for a girl.

“Sis I’m pregnant!”


“That’s so funny cause so am I!”

“No way!”

They are fascinated with the tiny little baby bumps.

Their husbands are total sweethearts and roll all the appropriate wishes.  Each girl gets their backs rubbed.

“Hi baby!”

“I think I hear something!”

Spyro and Bunny are so excited about the coming babies, it’s really rekindled their romance.  Not that it ever went anywhere but they are extra lovey dovey lately.  The girls are reading pregnancy like good mothers in the background.

“We should go to the spa!”

The girls take along their mother and have a girls day out.  They get massages and pedicures and then head over to the red rendezvous for dancing.  No drinking I promise, just dancing!

“I love you daddy.”   So cute.

Spyro loves to feel the baby bumps, he’s going to be a great grandpa!

Speaking of Spyro, it’s his birthday!  He is a little disappointed that he didn’t make it to the end of the legacy young.  It’s ok Spyro I think you’re quite a handsome elder, and besides grandpa’s are supposed to be old and gray.

The girls spent a lot of time in the nursery making sure everything was all ready for the babies and fussing over each other.

When Hazelnut suddenly went into labor!  At first Cinnamon didn’t know what to do and panicked a little bit.

Before she could panic for too long though she went into labor as well!  You can do it girls, push!

Welcome to the world Westley Spectrum!  Westley was born eccentric and neurotic.  He was named after Westley from The Princess Bride who was often referred to just as the man in black.

Welcome to the world Pepper Spectrum!  Pepper was born athletic and she also loves the outdoors like her parents.  Pepper was named after the spice which can come in different colors but is most notably black.

After the birth was over and the babies were tucked safely into their cribs their parents stood by their cribs and watched them sleep, amazed with what they had created.

The end.

Thanks to everyone who read and participated in my legacy!  It was a lot of work at times but it was extremely satisfying to finish!


Paint Your Perfect Day

Life in the legacy house plods along much the same as ever.   Finally over the death of Dory, the family begins to get back to normal.  For Seth this means convincing anyone to play catch with him.  He’s not particularly good at it but he still loves to play.

Most days the girls come home and do their homework and then call up and invite over their boyfriends right after.

Hazelnut and Travis love to spend time together in the park but Cinnamon and Shawn prefer driving around.  So far I haven’t noticed much about the vehicle enthusiast trait except that Cinnamon could name her car.  She named it Holley.

“This is a good hot dog!”   Don’t tell him it’s really a tofu dog Grimace made years ago and has been sitting in the fridge since then.

Cinnamon and Shawn share a passion for fishing.  They both love the outdoors!

Bunny rolled a wish to learn the logic skill so I sent her to the chess board for some practice.  I noticed that she had the option to “Challenge Seth Spectrum to a game of chess.”  Hmm it turns out that they are each other’s next ranked chess players, how funny is that?  So I let them duke it out.  (I even woke Seth up to do it.)

Can you guess who won?

Seth is pretty bummed out cause everyone else ate a nice meal but all he got was a microwave meal he mooched off one of his daughters.  Maybe if you would stop mooching food from people you could eat dinner with the rest of us!

“Nah I’ll just lick the plates clean when you guys are done.”  Whatever makes you happy man.

I had everyone out of bed like it was a normal school day, dressed, showered and fed before seven am before I realized it was Saturday.  Oops!  You guys can just do whatever then sorry.  Hazelnut is obsessed with her guitar.  It’s the same one Bunny used to have before I took it away from her cause she wouldn’t stop playing it.

Cinnamon randomly rolls a want to learn how to cook.  She didn’t roll a wish to take a class and I’m entirely too lazy to leave the house so I just have her make waffles.  I was pretty impressed when her first batch of waffles ever were outstanding.

Bunny broke the trash compactor.  She breaks so many objects I can only assume she is trying to murder Spyro.  She knows he is the one I’m going to send in to repair all the things she breaks.

Hazelnut finally tires of her guitar and reads a book for school.  Why she decides to read it on her grandpa’s bed is beyond me.

Ok maid two questions.  First why are you microwaving food?  Second what the heck is up with your hair?

I’ve been passing down all the songs Turtle learned way back in gen green.  Spyro decided it was time to teach his girls.  He queues up teaching all the songs to Hazelnut and I forget about them for a while.

Then this happens.  Oh Hazel I’m sorry!  Guess I should have checked back sooner, the poor dear was so embarrassed.  Spyro just stands there and watches it all happen.

Everyone in the house really misses Dory’s cooking.  She used to make them all fresh pancakes  every morning!  Bunny tries really hard to make breakfast but clearly she is not having an easy time of it.

Finally when it becomes clear breakfast is going to be charred hunks of waffle or nothing Hazelnut takes matters into her own hands and just orders a pizza.  Bunny is relieved she won’t have to try making those evil waffles again.

I thought swimming in the pool that nobody ever uses would be a nice Sunday family activity.  I forgot that Spyro is hydrophobic.

“I could die!  This is so horrible.”

Everyone queues up to splash poor Spyro autonomously.  I thought this was hilarious, I’m such a bad simmer.

He’s not very happy with anyone right now.

“This is more like it!”  He loves that trampoline so much.

I panicked a little when I saw this, I thought he was going to die!  Luckily he got out of the pool in time.

Hazelnut spends the evening playing more on her guitar and decides she wants to be a hit movie composer when she grows up.

Cinnamon spends the evening making out with her boyfriend and still has no idea what to do when she grows up.

“Hmm it appears as if someone ate all the food.  I wonder who it could have been?”

“Yes daughter I think you may be right, clearly there used to be food here and somebody has taken it!  We will never solve this mystery!”

Uh guys?

After getting away with stealing the last plate of food Hazelnut makes it a double crime by also breaking the dishwasher.  Nice one Hazel!

Spyro is starting to wonder if maybe people really are trying to kill him.  He doesn’t die though, really at this point his handiness is so high I don’t think he can die fixing anything.  Of course now that I said that. . .

Cinnamon takes Holley out for a spin.  The family packs in (yeah they are all in there) and heads out to the diner for dinner.

That night another burglar shows up.  I think we have had more burglars in this house now than all of the other houses combined.

Unfortunately for us the burglar beat the cop!  At that point Spyro jumped into the fray and attempted to help but got his ass handed to him as well.  Then the burglar laughed and ran away.  Hey you stupid burglar you still went away empty-handed so what are you laughing about?

The next night Seth decides to make the family dinner because I realized he has level 9 cooking.  Woo someone in the family can cook!  Uh Seth?  Oh yeah now I remember why I never have him cook.  Stupid absent-minded sims.

He eventually wanders back and finishes the hamburgers he was making but it was the last meal he ever got a chance to make.  That night after his bedtime bath Seth Spectrum passed away.

The grim reaper couldn’t squeeze into that tiny bathroom though so Seth and him took their business to one of the guest rooms.

Spyro seized the opportunity to chat with the Grim Reaper and even taught him a song.

They even became friends, aww Grim isn’t such a bad guy after all!  Uh Spyro he just killed your dad.

“I know but he didn’t want to!  He even told me that blue gen was his favorite one!”

Hazelnut sneaks off to the bathroom to express her grief privately.

Rest in peace Seth, you were my favorite spouse of all!

Downstairs Dory awakens from her grave and wanders restlessly into the house to play video games.  I think she must sense Seth’s passing.

Random shots

Omg so close to double fish hate!  If Spyro had been one second sooner. . .

“This movie is so scary I’m going to have nightmares!”

The caveman falls down and bows to the radio god!

“For the last time daughter, yes they are real!”

Thanks for reading!

Echoes and Silence, Patience and Grace

Cinnamon got the best birthday present ever from her best friend Shawn, a hug of course!  It was a little awkward having to lean down so far to reach him but she wasn’t worried.  She knew it was his birthday tomorrow and could hardly wait.

“Do you think there will ever be weather uncle Grimace?”

“What am I doing again?  I know I came over for a reason but I can’t quite remember what it was. . . ”

“Haha look at Donatello he’s so forgetful.”  Hey you do it too buddy.  Pot, kettle, black and all that.

Another day, another broken appliance.  The family is really missing the unbreakable things from their old life at this point.

Hazelnut can clearly see the shower is broken and spewing water everywhere but somehow thinks just mopping up is going to help.  I love it when sims do this, they are so dumb it’s hilarious.

“It’s my birthday!  Are you jealous?”

You stop that Dory!  Let the maid work!


While Hazelnut is outside goofing off on the trampoline Cinnamon is inside doing her homework.  She even rolls wishes to do homework, what a weirdo.

The girls throw a birthday party for their little fellows, how nice of them!  Yeah nice, not creepy at all!  (Hey super computer said it was their birthday so technically we are just giving them a party not forcing an age up early.  So there.)

The boys after I gave them a nice brown makeover.  No point in hiding the fact that they are going to marry in, might as well brownerize them early.  Is brownerize a word?  It should be.

Shawn Drudge

Travis Knack

“So you aged up about 20 mins ago but I have to ask, are you single?”   Both boys gave them a “duh” look and confirmed their single status.

Well in that case let the romantic spam continue!

Hazel and Travis are now a couple.

As well as Cinna and Shawn!

Can you feel it?  The countdown to babies is winding down.  No teenage pregnancy hacks or anything though so they have to be content to just make out for now.

Seth totally just mooched a simoleon from Shawn.  One whole simoleon.

Oh no!  😦

“I feel a little. . . see through, what’s going on?”

Then the Grim Reaper showed up and threw a little “omg I can’t get to her” fit and they both poofed away.  Just like that.  No Dory! 😦

“My wife just died can I have a large sum of money?”  Shawn said no though, what a meanie.

Seth goes to bed alone that night.  It’s extra sad that his wife’s side of the bed is still unmade from that morning.  Our maids suck.

It’s really endearing to me how much the boys miss Dory.  They were both best friends with her before she passed.

“My wife just died, can I have some food?”

His mooching is getting out of hand!

“I miss mommy!”  So sad.

“My wife just died, can I have some food?”   Seth you just had that other food like an hour ago.  He just keeps mooching food off everyone and stuffing himself.  I guess everyone expresses their grief in their own way.

The twins invite their boyfriends out to the local pool in an effort to forget their grief for an afternoon but it doesn’t really work.  They spend the afternoon crying on their shoulders and thinking of Dory anyway.

This almost looks like Hazelnut is feeling up her sister’s boyfriend but I assure you it’s Cinnamon.  For whatever reason her hair isn’t available for swimming or formal outfits so she wears her sister’s hair for those instead.

After awhile of splashing in the pool Hazelnut and Travis head over to the garden next door for some cuddle time.  They are so cute.

All four of them end up at the bistro for a double dinner date.  There doesn’t seem to be a table with four chairs so I sent them in two by two instead.  Maybe I should add a chair to one of the tables sometime and see if they would use it.

The next day Spyro spends the entire day fixing things.  It seems like everything broke today!  Spyro risks life and limb to fix a computer and even the dreaded dishwasher.  He even lives!  Woo.

The girls invite the boys over for an afternoon of video games.  I think the boys were thinking along the lines of racing games or sports or even violent zombies. . .instead they spend the afternoon petting virtual fuzzy animals.  It must be love.

Bunny gets level ten writing finally!  She sure doesn’t seem very happy about it though.

After spending hours playing the fuzzy animal game the boys patience was rewarded and they got to do something more fun.  They are slowly learning, it’s like training a puppy!

I usually don’t leave gravestones out cause the ghosts annoy me but I left Dory’s grave out back and she visited finally.  She wasn’t an annoying ghost at all, she just played gnubb for the night.  Usually ghosts wake my family up so I was really happy with her.

Look who mastered painting and fulfilled her lifetime wish!  Way to go Bunny you can join your husband on free will now!

Random shots

She looks so snotty sometimes, but I swear she’s not a snob.

I’m so glad I have fish again, I am addicted to these shots.  I’m sure you are all sick of them but I don’t care haha!

We almost had an addition to the family.  Seth was getting stir crazy so I sent him to the park and he tried to kidnap this kid.  Total stranger, have no idea who it even was but he ran right over to her and carried her around for hours.

Thanks for reading!

Operation Hug Time

Dory makes breakfast for the family every morning.  Usually there are enough leftovers for the girls to have a snack after school but lately our maid has not been doing her job at all and the leftovers remain on the counter to spoil.

I began to suspect that someone in the house was stopping the maid to chat all day and that was the reason all my food was left out and all the beds never got made anymore.  In order to give the maid time to do her work and also get rid of some stir crazy moodlets I sent all the adults out to the bistro while the girls were in school.

There are four people in this car!  I don’t even want to think about where the other three are.

If I didn’t tell them to do other things my entire family would be playing catch always.  It’s their favorite activity!  That ball is almost as big as her head!

Both the girls roll wishes to bake muffins and they were hungry anyway so I let them make their own dinner.  Burnt vanilla muffins yum!

Dory and Seth still sneak out to the garage to make out whenever I don’t control them.  Old people are so cute!

Bunny continues to make progress on her LTW.  She is level 9 in writing now and her Harry the Kitten series is a huge hit.

She is also level 9 in painting.  So close!

Here is a shot of some of the new cars the family purchased when I installed fast lane stuff.  Some of them are pretty neat even if they all look pretty similar since they are all brown.

The girls brought home some nice boys from school.  The blonde one is Travis Knack and Hazelnut’s best friend.  The little red-headed pirate boy is Shawn Drudge and Cinnamon’s best friend.  Hope they grow up cute cause these two are most likely going to marry in!

The girls invite Shawn and Travis to sleep over all the time.  They spend their evenings playing tag and video games.

The boys are over the house so often that they are even best friends with the rest of the family!  Spyro and Seth especially love the boys.

Good thing she has a thought bubble otherwise you would never be able to tell from her face that she’s happy.

Bunny and Dory started a band in their spare time.  The band is named “I should be skilling to complete my LTW but pulled out that darn guitar again.”   I’m going to delete that guitar from Bunny’s inventory one of these days.

In an attempt to get Dory and Seth busy so they don’t badger our maid again I set them down to watch some cooking cable.  The funny thing is that they both watch the same program and they both learn a recipe from it.  Two different ones though!  Seth learns fish and chips and Dory learns ambrosia.

“Oh boy I get to research the grocery store for school!”    Why does she seem so excited to do that?

“Because she didn’t have to clean out the bug cage at school.  So gross!”   Aww poor girl.  😦

Well as a reward for doing such a great job on the icky bug cage you can go to the diner.  She even won an eating contest while she was there!

“Guess what?”

“It’s my birthday!”

Nobody pays him any attention though.  Hazelnut is too busy learning songs from grandma Dory.

The girls spent the evening playing video games and discussing Shawn and Travis.  They both had terrible crushes on their best friends and wondered if the boys thought about them like that at all.  They couldn’t talk to their parents about it because all they told them was that they were too young to have crushes on boys.  They made a pact to invite the boys over the next day and test the waters with a little hug.

The next day Travis came home with Hazelnut after school and she quickly put operation hug time into effect.  He didn’t pull away or mention anything about cooties so she deemed it a success!  She couldn’t wait to tell all her school friends that she had a boyfriend!  Poor Travis was blissfully ignorant of the whole situation, he was just happy to be with his friend.

Seeing Hazelnut and Travis hugging got Cinnamon all excited to try it herself.  She called Shawn up and invited him over.  While she waited for him to arrive she fished in the pond and thought about how to initiate the hug.

She hadn’t thought of anything yet when she saw him pull up on his bike.  She panicked!  When he held out his hand for a friendly handshake she just pulled him into her.  It lacked finesse but it worked out.  He seemed surprised and even blushed a little but seemed happy that it happened.  Her first hug!

The boys stayed over for dinner that night.  They both loved Dory’s cooking so much they usually had second helpings of everything.

After calling their parents and getting permission they agreed to stay over for the night and the four of them spent the evening playing video games.

After the girls headed to bed Shawn wandered out to the garage to feed the fish.

Eventually the boys settled down in the tent.  There were plenty of beds available in the house but they always chose to sleep outside.

They really loved staying at the girls house.  Their parents never let them eat hot dogs for breakfast!

Spyro and Bunny didn’t mind the boys staying over either.  They were so nice and polite and even helped clean the dishes when they were over.

“Isn’t cheese steak the greatest?”

“Anything your grandma Dory makes is the greatest!”  Maybe the boys only like us for our food?

Cinnamon and Shawn were always hugging one another now!

Bunny aged up while outside playing tag.  Sometimes I think my sims purposely do important things in the darkest place they can find just to spite me.  It’s like they know I want to get screenshots!

Now they are making faces at me!  It’s a conspiracy I tell you.

“It’s my birthday mom!”

“Aww they grow up so fast.”

Hazelnut blows out her candles before half the party guests can get out the back door.  That back porch causes lots of traffic jams.  She rolls eco-friendly.

Cinnamon goes second and rolls vehicle enthusiast.  Ok I picked this and didn’t randomize it.  I didn’t know fast lane stuff added any traits so I was curious to try it out.  We’ll see what it does!

Random shots

Looks like he’s falling to his death or something but really he’s just flipping and showing off on the trampoline.


“Omg the legacy is almost over, I just realized it!”  It’s ok Spyro, I’m pretty sure nobody reads it anymore anyway.

Tune in next time for boyfriends and teenage shenanigans.

How Now Brown Cow?

“Dory my love, tonight I finally join you in elderhood!”

After work that night Seth did just that.  He did not fear getting older though he was a little bummed about all the aches and pains associated with old age.

After a quick makeover he looked almost exactly like he did when he was a teenager!  Well except for the gray hair.  Dory rushed right over to give him a nice long kiss.

After the party everyone in the house except the toddlers took a nap.  The burglar had interrupted their sleep last night and everyone was tired today.

The toddlers were busy reading their final skill books.  Just one day left of toddlerhood to go can they make it?

They do!  They get what little bit of time they have left to do whatever they want.

Hazelnut loves her horsey.

At first Cinnamon doesn’t know what to do at all and just cries.  Eventually she picks a nice boat to play with and settles down in the bathroom.

Seth has a small party (invited mostly family but there were a few party crashers) to celebrate his retirement.  He was happy to see Grimace and Daphne again.  Daphne’s situation often worried him.  She had gotten pregnant with that horrible Shark Racket’s child and had moved in with him, his father and his girlfriend!  Before she even had the babies (twins named Stuart and Charlotte) Shark and his girlfriend Alma moved away to a much smaller house and his father passed away.  So basically Daphne and Plum just inherited a huge mansion to themselves.

Deciding not to worry about it, Seth wandered down the hallway to find his youngest son, Donatello, posing for a portrait.  He gave him a great big hug.  He was going to miss Donatello but understood his need to go out on his own.

Now that Donatello had caught what he considered a perfect aquarium he was ready to explore the world looking for new and exciting kinds of fish.  Goodbye Donatello, good luck with everything!  We will try not to kill off your perfect aquarium.  The instant he moved out story progression informed me that he married and moved in with his girlfriend Pansy.

Spyro has no love for the fish but dutifully feeds them everyday.

“Tickle tickle!  Guess what sweetheart?  It’s your birthday!”

Both parents gather up the children and bring them downstairs and outside to their cakes.  Bunny takes Hazelnut to her cake and Spyro takes Cinnamon to hers.

Hazelnut adds brave to her other traits and is now a brave, virtuoso and also a heavy sleeper.  She picked out a beautiful dress that made her feel just like a princess!

Cinnamon aged up lucky.  She is now a perceptive, lucky little girl with a love of the outdoors.  While she could appreciate a nice dress like the one her sister choose to wear, she never really felt very comfortable in them.  They definitely were hard to play outside in!  So she chose a skirt and vest with really sturdy leggings underneath.  She also made a pretty nifty wooden dagger so she could pretend to be a pirate!

Cinnamon eating cake on the pirate bar in her pirate pajamas.  You think she might like pirates?

The first thing Hazelnut rushes off to do is mop the puddle left on the bathroom floor after her slobby grandfather took his shower.

Cinnamon runs all the way upstairs to wash her cake plate in the sink instead of using the dishwasher.  Maybe it’s broken, I guess I should check.  While she is there she notices how gross it is in this bathroom.  Well hey since you noticed do you mind emptying those potties for me?  She did mind but she did it anyway.

Both girls rolled some wishes to learn some skills, as children often do.  Hazelnut ran off to the school to take a painting class and Cinnamon was off to the grocery store to take a fishing class.

After their classes the two met up at the community garden to hang out.

They spent the majority of the evening running all over the garden playing tag.

Just before they went home Cinnamon caught this bug to put in her room.

“That will be $125!   Oh and I broke your sink.  Ok bye!”

“Oh my!  That darn maid!”  *grumble grumble*

Cinnamon is proudly boasting about her fishing feats to her father.  Her fishing feats. . you mean that ONE class you took earlier today?

It’s ok though, Spyro doesn’t point that out and hurt her feelings or anything.  He just gives her a hug and smiles.

For the rest of the evening Hazelnut paints and Cinnamon goes fishing in the pond.

“Oh no, Dory isn’t going to like this. . . ”

It’s ok though because fixing that shower got her the plumber skill challenge.

Cinnamon even helped mop up, the girls are so helpful!

To reward them for being such good girls grandma Dory cooks each girl their favorite food that night for dinner.  Hazelnut got to have cheese steak and Cinnamon got tri tip steak!

Random shots

Seth is just too adorable when he makes his absent minded faces.

Hey I see you playing video games Bunny!  Get back to your writing!

Spyro and Cinnamon spend some time bonding while playing video games.

Last but not least, I figured that all the random elderly people would stop hurting themselves on my trampoline after that lady died last chapter.  But noooo they keep flocking to it like mad.  Suicidal old biddies.

Thanks for reading!  Just got done installing fast lane stuff so tune in next time for some neat new cars most likely!

Tangled in my own Reflection

Now that Bunny wasn’t pregnant anymore I gave her a more purple makeover.  I also had to turn the house brown!  This will be the last color change because the legacy will end when gen black is born.  (and because spice brown is my favorite sim color and I would like it to stick!)

Dory woke up the morning after her grandchildren were born and made everyone pancakes before going upstairs to fuss with the babies.  She couldn’t believe she was a grandma!

Grimace isn’t quite at 100k lifetime happiness points yet so he gets to stay in the house a few days fulfilling random wishes.  Wishes like fixing the bathtub and jumping on the trampoline.   I love his swim suit!

He is really fussy about his food though ever since is sudden conversion to vegetarianism.  Donatello just doesn’t understand how Grimace could suddenly swear off meat and fish.  Fish used to be their passion!  Perhaps Grimace just doesn’t want to hurt the fish by killing and eating them. . .but he still likes to go fishing.  So confusing.  Grimace makes tofu dogs for himself while the rest of the family happily eats whatever meat dish they want.

Bunny spends the majority of her time writing.  She has become quite well-known for her children’s books.  The Harry the Kitten series was a huge hit including such titles as Harry’s big day, Harry’s first Christmas, Harry takes a nap, Harry has an Accident and Harry Dresden, Super Kitten! (One of my real life cats is named Harry Dresden, can you tell?)

“My favorite food is Ratatouille!”   I think after being married so many years he knows that already Dory.

Dory has been really worried ever since she turned into an elder that Seth wouldn’t find her attractive anymore.  Seth proves to her time and time again that she shouldn’t worry.  He loves her no matter how old she is!

Seth is especially excited about his grandchildren because he’s family oriented.  (Technically they aren’t his grandchildren because Spyro isn’t his biological son, but to Seth that is a moot point.  Spyro is his son and always will be.)

Spyro spends most of his days on free will and chooses to paint the majority of the time.

The trampoline claims yet another life.  Only this time we aren’t kidding and the old lady does die for real.  Evil trampoline!  She’s just some random townie person we don’t know so the family placed her gravestone in the cemetery.

Here is a shot of Donatello being stupid and gross at the same time.  He came home from fishing really hungry so he decided to make mac and cheese.  First off we have tons of perfect quality everything in the fridge and he could have saved a lot of time by eating leftovers.  Not only that but he is preparing it in the bathroom!  Gross Donatello!

Dory makes breakfast everyday and she often prepares fruit parfait cause it’s Seth and Grimace’s favorite food.  I’m just annoyed that you can’t call household to meal with fruit parfait.  Why can’t you do this? 😦

Grimace finally convinces Dory to try out fishing.  She was pretty excited when she caught her first fish, even if it was tiny!

Soon enough it was time for the twins to grow up.  As a special last generation present I’m going to let the twins both be heir.  They can both move in spouses and have one child each.  (Which also means no more brown babies cause they couldn’t all have spouses/children if there were more.)

Here they are after their makeover!  Right now they look very similar and even have the same everyday outfit.  They have different pajamas and formal though so I can tell them apart!  Hazelnut is first and she is slightly darker in both skin tone and hair color.  They both got their father’s purple eyes!

Seth and Bunny got to work teaching the little ones how to use the potty.  That potty on the right is purple ack!  I did eventually fix it though.

Each girl gets a cuddle for doing such a good job.  Aren’t they adorable?

Grimace rolled a wish to fix the dishwasher.  Oh Grimace be careful!

He lived!  He convinced his good old dad to come fishing with him and Dory.  Fishing is really turning into the family sport this generation.

Got a shot of the girls in their pajamas so you could tell them apart.  Hazelnut wears the stars.

Cinnamon wears the flowers.  Her favorite color is even brown!

“How am I supposed to be a successful author if I keep breaking the computer?”

Grimace to the rescue!

Both parents roll wishes to teach Cinnamon to walk and talk, they clearly have a favorite.  Spyro gets Cinnamon and Bunny teaches Hazelnut.

Cinnamon is really blazing through her training and is already learning to walk before Hazel is done learning to talk.

Hazel does finally learn to talk but before she can even start on walking it’s time for bed.  A quick snuggle and diaper change from Grandpa Seth and then it’s off to dreamland for her.

Cinnamon managed to learn half her walking skill before it was time for her to go to sleep as well.  I just love her pirate themed crib.  I can’t wait for the new pirate town!

That night after the girls were all tucked in to bed it was time for Uncle Grimace to move on.  He found his own place across town and moved out.  Good luck to you Grimace!  (Or Carl Sagan as my husband calls him.  It wasn’t intentional but he really does look like him!)

Even though they agreed not to have anymore children Spyro and Bunny woohoo a lot.  It helps when Bunny gets stressed out from writing and you know Spyro wants to help relieve his wife’s stress!

Hazelnut finally gets to learn to walk!  Her sister is so far ahead of her.

As soon as Hazel finally learns to walk all the adult Spectrums gather downstairs for Donatello’s birthday party.  It was probably inevitable that Donatello rolled loner as his final trait.  He spends so much time alone fishing.  It was probably also inevitable that he rolled the wish for a perfect aquarium.

Now that the girls are done learning to walk, talk and use the potty it’s time to start on their books.  They each maxed out the xylophone and peg box already so they are well on their way.

Donatello spends the majority of his time away from home.  It’s just him, the fish and a moodlet manager for days at a time but his hard work really pays off and he maxes the fishing skill and even catches some death fish! (No perfect ones though.)

“Mom I was thinking. . . why do we even have a pool?  I’m the heir and I hate water so much!”

We have another run in with a burglar, I swear this new house is burglar bait or something.  This time she makes it indoors and the alarm sounds bringing the cops who actually do their job for once and arrest the thug!

Seth and Dory are wide awake after the break in and spend the rest of the night playing video games with one another and reminiscing.  They can’t believe how well their lives turned out, they must be the luckiest sims in the world.

Random Shots

Look what I found!

Look at them carrying on like teenagers.  They roll wishes to kiss, hug and woohoo each other daily.

New pirate bar!  Can’t wait for Barnacle Bay!

Thanks for reading!

Ride the Spiral to the End

Now that the twins were young adults they finally realized what they wanted to do with their life.  They both wanted to be the emperor of evil.  They got together and decided that they would share the title.  For now though this meant that they needed to start working out!

Just because they decided to share the title didn’t mean there wasn’t any competition for promotions.  Plum got an instant promotion the very first day and even got the rest of the afternoon off!  Daphne was green with envy because she didn’t secure a promotion even after working her entire shift!

The next evening Plum got yet another promotion and once again Daphne did not.  Daphne got arrested instead, this meant she was still level one and Plum was already level three!

Seth doesn’t have to throw campaign fundraisers anymore now that he is president but he still loves a good party so he invites over a bunch of people.  His sons don’t know it but the real reason for the party is to try to get some women in the house for them to meet!  The plan works like a charm. Grimace finds Angelita Peck, a shy, family oriented, babysitter and chats her up all evening.   Spyro talks to his good friend Bunny Curious at the party.

That night a very unlucky burglar makes the mistake of trying to rob our house.  Before the burglar can even get in the door to trip the alarm there is a whole household of Spectrums waiting to take her down.  You don’t mess with a family that can all apprehend burglars!

Oddly enough the police never showed up and finally Seth called.  When they finally did show up the burglar had already left on her own and the cop informed us that she had gotten away this time.

The next morning Spyro really wanted to see Bunny again and invited her over.  She said yes and before she could even get into the house Spyro pounced on her and asked if she was single.  Turns out she was!

Spyro couldn’t believe his good luck and quickly set about making Bunny his girlfriend.

Seeing how happy his brother was with his new girlfriend made Donatello really want a girlfriend too.  He invited over his childhood friend Pansy and asked her to go steady with him.  He was afraid she would turn him down, it was all very sudden after all, but she said yes!

While his brothers were busy getting their first girlfriends Grimace was at Bunny’s house visiting her younger brother Notzo.  The visit was rudely put to an end when Grim showed his ugly face and killed Bunny and Notzo’s father!

What a horrible thing to witness!  As the neurotic, unlucky, middle child of the family Grimace knew it was no fun feeling alone.  He racked his brain and suddenly realized he could help the Curious family through their grief!  He whipped out his moodlet manager, took aim and cured both of them.  They even thanked him!  It was such a nice feeling, having people appreciate you.  That’s when Grimace decided he wanted to be super popular.

Back at home Bunny had just gotten the call from her mother.  Spyro tried to console his girlfriend but she was too upset and he couldn’t help her.  Or could he?  Taking a cue from his brother he whipped out his moodlet manager and made all her pain go away.

When Grimace got home that night he found out about his brothers getting girlfriends.  Now that he had decided to be super popular he wouldn’t let his shyness stop him from getting one as well.  In fact to prove to himself that he could do it he invited over his friend Angelita and asked her out right on the spot.  He was so thrilled when she said yes!  Maybe he really could be super popular someday.

“I did it, all my children have dates now!”

After spending the whole day making out Bunny and Spyro couldn’t wait any longer and they decided to woohoo.  When Bunny changed into her pajamas it scared me out of my wits.  Omg she is screaming for a makeover!

So we gave her a nice makeover!

“I dunno about this makeover. . . ”  It looks great I swear, don’t be mad Bunny!

Now that the girls work different shifts Plum gets really bored during the day while Daphne is off to work.  She can often be found watching tv or napping on the couch.

The next day Bunny was alarmed to find herself violently ill.  Spyro was worried that last nights dinner had given her food poisoning but we all know what was really wrong with her!

“Ugh I knew this would happen, why do you think I was checking it?”

Dory hopped out of bed that night and had a birthday.  Dory is an elder now!

Daphne had been spending a lot of time with one of her co-workers, Shark Racket.  He had a girlfriend and Daphne had a boyfriend but even so they couldn’t stand it any longer and she invited him back to her house after work one night to have a little fun.

As soon as the deed was done Daphne drifted off to sleep completely unaware that Shark had wandered back inside to flirt with her sister!  Luckily Plum didn’t get offended by this and steered the conversation back to more friendly oriented things.  Like their common interest in money!

The next morning Spyro invited Bunny back over and was shocked when she showed up wearing weird, mismatched clothes.  She explained to him that she was pregnant and he was the father!  Spyro was thrilled that he was going to be a father and quickly introduced Bunny to his mother.

Inside the house Daphne was just figuring out that she too was pregnant.  This was excellent!  Shark was a well established member of the criminal organization and Daphne had played him all along.  She ran over to tell her sister all about her plan and how it had just come together for them.

Plum was amazed at her sister’s genius plan and even a little bit jealous that she didn’t think of it first.  The two of them informed Shark about his child and insisted on moving into his house (that he shares with is girlfriend. . .) right then.  Spyro overheard his sister’s revelation about being pregnant and threatened to take down Shark if he didn’t take care of Daphne.  Shark reluctantly agreed and the three of them headed off to their new home.

Now that there was room in the house Spyro dashed upstairs to find Bunny.  His mother had approved of her whole heartedly and even informed Spyro that he was to be the family heir!  Now all he had to do was convince Bunny to marry him.

She said yes!  The two of them wanted to be married before their baby came so they decided to have a quiet ceremony with just the two of them right then.  Welcome to the family Bunny Spectrum!  Bunny is a loner, virtuoso, perceptive, easily impressed girl with a good sense of humor.  She would love to become an illustrious author someday.

“What was I doing again?”   So adorably clueless!  (I have to admit that Spyro has been my favorite ever since he was a toddler.)

Grimace spent the next few days out on the town making friends.  He was at the bistro doing just that when it was time for him to age up.  He gained the vegetarian trait.  The very next person he talked to gave him his lifetime wish too, way to go Grimace you really are a winner!

Bunny was trying to take it easy and spent the majority of her days napping, painting or playing guitar.

Then one day while she was writing her first book she felt her first contraction.  She had planned on doing a home birth so she called for Spyro to come help her out.

He had read all the pregnancy books in anticipation of the home birth but when the time came he freaked out.  Deciding he was no help at all, Bunny headed over to the nursery to give birth alone.

I’m proud to announce that Bunny gave birth to twin girls!  I guess twins really do run in my family because I didn’t influence them at all.  I suspect the fact that Bunny’s favorite music is kids music might have something to do with it though, maybe she listened to it at her house before I had her move in.  First born was Hazelnut who is a heavy sleeping virtuoso.  Next we have Cinnamon who was born perceptive and also loved the outdoors.

Generation brown is finally underway!

Random shots

“Grrrr put down that stupid guitar so I can scare you!”

Pansy said she had to go but stayed all night playing on our trampoline.  She even peed her pants so she could stay!

“Why did you clean the dirty french toast plate up I was going to lick it!” 😦

Thanks for reading stay tuned for a brown house and the last full generation!